Backbone Table

The JEURSEN Backbone Table was born due to the Gamma’s (large Dutch hardware retailer) request of a 4.5 metre long table made from their building materials. The Backbone Table is based on the Backbone Chassis, which used to be applied in the automobile industry to effectively function as a vehicle’s spine. Through the use of one straight central support beam under the length of the table, a strong, wide table can be created that doesn’t bow or experience stress when supporting objects on its surface. Furthermore, this ensures that it is possible to sit at any side of the table without any obstruction or hindrance from the beam itself.

The Backbone Table consists of a solid, self-supporting, wooden trestle, which can be combined with a variety of different tabletops made from diverse materials. The design on display consists of a pinewood trestle combined with a pine coated, cement bonded particleboard tabletop. Pinewood was deliberately chosen because of its strength, light weight and low environmental impact. For contrast and an industrial appearance, we chose to construct the tabletop from cement bonded particleboard. The displayed table is 450cm long, 100cm wide and 75cm high. Custom materials and dimensions can be agreed upon in collaboration with the designers.


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