Flatpack Chair

During the Dutch Design Week 2012, the organisation HOUDT launched a design contest for young designers to create an innovative chair that could be easily disassembled. The chair had to be made from a standard sized, quarter-piece of 18mm plywood with measurements of 61cm by 122cm and had to be able to be frequently assembled and disassembled without losing its quality. Other materials were only permitted if they had an assembly and/or securing function.

The design by JEURSEN was chosen as the winner of the contest by the design jury. The jury was very impressed by the unique chair frame, the professional finishing and the elegant packaging that the chair was presented in. In addition to this, they liked the visually strong design and inviting nature of the chair.

The JEURSEN Flatpack Chair took the ergonomic seating position of a car seat as its inspiration. The original and contemporary design is derived from this seating position and the limited material allowed. To insure that one’s body can be comfortably supported in the chair, a minimum, but sufficient number of plywood pieces were strategically placed to form the back and the seat of the chair. To keep the design elegant and simplistic, no extra materials were used for the assembly or to secure the chair in place. The displayed design is made from 18mm birch plywood.


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