System of Elements

The idea for “The System of Elements” arose during a study of joining methods within industrial constructions. Within these methods it is extremely important to fully optimize the mechanical characteristics of the used materials, so that the constructions are as light and as strong as possible.

There is chosen to design a modular system, based on the connections within industrial constructions and whereby the mechanical characteristics of the wood were optimally utilised. The stiles and rails are therefore made from solid birch wood to give it its strength, particularly in its length (with the direction of the grain). In contrast to this, the joining elements are made from birch plywood to allow for strength in two directions thanks to plywood’s cross-banded layers.

Birch wood was chosen so that the furniture would radiate a sense of tranquillity and light from its texture and colour. Other materials can be agreed upon in collaboration with the designers. Due to the fact that the system is modular, a suitable piece of furniture can be designed for any location or functionality. “The System of Elements” is derived from the Dutch name for the periodic table of elements used in chemistry, where bonds are formed from multiple elements.


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