The Old New Thing “Musical Cabinet”

JEURSEN created The Old New Thing “Musical Cabinet” to be featured in the design section of multiple Dutch regional newspapers and magazines. The goal of the feature article is to inspire readers to reconsider a piece of furniture from a second-hand shop or look differently at an old cupboard, table, chair etc. that they have at home.

For the feature article we searched for a classic cupboard so that we could combine the most beautiful styles and elements from the past with contemporary chic lines. We first went on the hunt to all the local second-hand shops but without any success. Thereafter though, we found this old TV cabinet on the website Marktplaats (Dutch eBay), which turned out to be a gem under the dust at the seller’s premises. We designed the shape of the cabinet based on what needed to be stored in it and on the sections of the old cabinet that we wanted to re-use. After establishing the basis, we then set out the cabinet in blocks and from there it designed itself. To give the cabinet its own contemporary appearance, we combined the dark re-used wood with popular, lighter plywood and brightly painted sections.

Depending on the ability to re-use the old piece of furniture and the purpose of the new piece of furniture, each piece of “The Old New Thing” furniture is one-of-a-kind and made-to-order.


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